Class 3 (Huber-Hotz)

IVR Level 3*
Basic Nursing Training
Level 3 Final Exam
Sports and various exercises...

*You have already attended a Level 2 IVR
course and are 15-years-old
or older.

Downloads Class Huber-Hotz
Picasso class Huber-Hotz

Regulations Class Huber-Hotz
Self- and comrade help 59_005_e
Aide à soi-même et au camarade 59_005_f
Aiuto a se stesso e al camerata 59_005_i

The human body 59_041_e
Le corps humain 59_041_f

Basic school for the sanitary service 59_042_e
Instruction de base pour le service sanitaire 59_042_f
Istruzione di base per il servizio sanitario 59_042_i

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