The AULA training camp

At the AULA, young people are initiated into the knowledge of first aid during seven days. Depending on their previous education, they can choose from four different levels.
Every year, more than 250 young men and women take part in the AULA. They are trained by around 100 volunteers, most of whom work in health or blue light professions.

What is so special about AULA? We don't really know ourselves.

  • Maybe that we expect a lot from the young people?! But we do not expect more than we offer ourselves.
  • Maybe that we have clear structures and rules, but always put the young people in the center?!
  • Maybe that many helpers wear the army uniform during the camp and yet are open to talk and have fun with the young people.?!
  • Maybe that we actively live the 7 principles of the Swiss Red Cross and treat each other with a lot of mutual appreciation?!

Get to know the AULA. We are curious to know what is special about the AULA for you.

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