Three interesting days in the framework of the training camp AULA or simply AULA 2.0

We show you how to orient yourself in the terrain with a map and how the
coordinate network works. Determining a location with improvised
aids is also part of map theory.

Communication with various aids, such as the use and
handling of radios. Setting up an improvised bivouac followed by
sleeping in a tent. Beforehand, you will prepare a trench fire so that you can prepare your own dinner

The optimal behavior at night and the use with appropriate aids can experience
you yourself. The training in the field of paramedics must not be neglected. The
Tourniquet (stopping a strong bleeding) as well as the new technique of the
heart-lung resuscitation is an important part, which we also want to show you.

The AULA 2.0 will take place from 09 to 11 May 2024 in Zweisimmen.
You can find the registration form here.

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